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Dear Valued Military Resale Leaders, OSC~WEBco Principals, Teammates and Friends:

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Overseas Service Corporation, d.b.a. OSC~WEBco, will celebrate 75 years of service to the military resale market on August 15, 2022. One of the early  “military broker” pioneers (the term had yet to be coined), OSC grew from modest beginnings in post-WWII Europe to the worldwide, multi-faceted enterprise we are today.

As we contemplate the significance of this milestone, we are struck by the incredibly good fortune that brought us to this place and gave us the opportunity to be part of an industry that summons us to a cause greater than ourselves. An added, personal reward has been the many irreplaceable friendships that all of us have made along the way.

Appropriately, we would first like to salute the leadership and dedicated team members of the military resale systems for their devotion to mission and able stewardship of these vital benefits during these challenging times. Our respect also goes to those who previously served in these capacities and helped shape these benefits, as well as supporters in Congress and the Pentagon who nurtured and protected them through the years.  

We would also like to thank our principals, some with us for decades, for their continued confidence, support and guidance. A cross-section of the finest consumer goods companies in the world, their influence has helped make us a better company. It is truly an honor to partner with them and the worldwide Commissary and Exchange systems to bring familiar brand name products at attractive savings to service members, military retirees, their families and others who have earned these benefits through their service.

Although the world and business dynamics have changed dramatically since we first opened our doors in 1947, the basic ingredients of success remain the same and it all starts with having the right people.  That is why we use this special occasion to give all our OSC~WEBco teammates a special shout-out and express our deepest gratitude for their extraordinary efforts, day-in and day-out, to execute client objectives and support military resale. You can take pride in the fact that your company has reached its 75th anniversary and still stands tall - brimming with optimism and faith in the future.

OSC~WEBco…Proud to serve those who serve!


Paul and Frank Hogan

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